I have spent four years learning how to read and write again. But it took a night on a hill to really grasp the implications. Though all I got was a bad night’s sleep and a rude awakening from some labradors.

IMG_0940I spent April reading and re-reading notepads I had read and re-read a hundred times before. I wrote thousands of words trying to define just two. Even some of the footnotes had footnotes. This caused much despair and flooding:

Scan 2In May, when paper was running out, I took to writing outside and discovered the benefits of sun and poetry:

Scan 2By this time I was getting cocky and went to the park to read another notepad:

Scan 4And in a moment of madness I threw caution to the wind and played ping pong:

Scan 3The exam period came and went like a pungent fart. The initial shock accompanied by a feeling of unpleasantness and a strong urge to punch those responsible. But before long it had passed. Then came the annual ironing in preparation for a night of dancing with my teachers:

Scan 9It was rather enjoyable:

Scan 1But now I am faced with endings where some only see new beginnings:

Scan 6Even the Wurzels were sad to see us go:

IMG_0009.jpgI might have to spend another night on a hill to understand what this all means. Until then, more ping pong:

Scan 4



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